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Written by R.O. Perdiz

Certification of açaí agroforestry increases the conservation potential of the Amazonian tree flora

The harvesting of açaí berries (palm fruits from the genus Euterpe ) in Amazonia has increased over the last 20 years due to a high local and global market demand and triggered by their widely acclaimed health benefits as a ‘superfood’

By Gabriel Damasco, Mandy Anhalt, Ricardo O. Perdiz, Florian Wittmann, Rafael L. de Assis, Jochen Schöngart, Maria T. F. Piedade, Christine D. Bacon, Alexandre Antonelli & Paul V. A. Fine in Research Pesquisa Article Artigo científico

January 22, 2022

Environmental filters and biotic interactions drive species richness and composition in ecotone forests of the northern Brazilian Amazonia

The aim of this study was to determine the response of species richness and composition to environmental filters, and analyze the role of P. gracilipes in structuring tree communities in ecotone forest areas of the Northern Brazilian Amazonia.

By Wiliamar Rodrigues Silva, Pedro Aurélio Costa Pequeno, Hugo Leonardo Sousa Farias, Valdinar Ferreira Melo, Carlos Darwin Angulo Villacorta, Lidiany Camila Silva Carvalho, Ricardo Oliveira Perdiz, Arthur Camurça Citó & Reinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa in Research Pesquisa Artigo científico Peer-reviewed article

September 7, 2021